SeqMatic is a San Francisco Bay Area based Illumina Propel certified provider of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) services. We offer comprehensive NGS services with unparalleled customer service and fast turnaround time. Our scientists specialize in tailoring each project experiments to satisfy specific needs with expert and friendly service.

Featured NGS Services

SeqMatic offers a variety of NGS services fit for projects of any size and scale.

Complete List of NGS Services
  • 10X Single Cell RNA

    Single cell gene expression sequencing and analysis.

  • RNA-Seq

    Comprehensive strand specific RNA transcriptome sequencing services.

  • miRNA and Small RNA

    Profile all miRNAs from any organism without annotation or reference genomes.

Customer Testimonials

SeqMatic has served over 350 customers in 25 countries.

  • Phil Patten – CSO – DiCE Molecules

    “Seqmatic has been consistently prompt in turning around our NGS data, including numerous instances wherein we asked for expedited treatment. We are a small company that highly values agility – it is one of our core advantages as an organization. “

  • Adam Adler – Vice President of R&D – GigaGen, Inc.

    “We were very happy with the quality of the service that we received as well as the rapid turnaround time.”  

  • Customer F.G. – San Francisco, CA

    “SeqMatic exhibits the best in sequencing performance, customer service, and turnaround. My experience in getting several runs completed was an absolute pleasure, and I would recommend SeqMatic to anyone with sequencing needs!”