SeqMatic is a San Francisco Bay Area based Illumina, 10X Genomics and Parse Biosciences Certified Service Provider (CSP) of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) services. We offer comprehensive NGS and other omics services with unparalleled customer service and fast turnaround time. Our scientists specialize in tailoring each project experiments to satisfy specific needs with expert and friendly service.

The SeqMatic Difference

SeqMatic offers a variety of NGS services fit for projects of any size and scale.

Complete List of NGS Services
  • Premium White-Glove Sequencing Expertise

    A Science-first approach to research projects – We learn about the goals of your research and the type of sequencing data that would be most beneficial to your project. Then we modify our proven workflows to target those specific reads.

  • Work with Experts

    Founded in 2011 by former Illumina scientists with a deep understanding of Illumina chemistries and platforms. Our optimized workflows consistently outperform Illumina specifications.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    Obtain results quickly and effortlessly. Concentrate on research rather than sample preparation and data manipulation. Data delivered with 7-10 days; 5 day guaranteed Express Service also available.

  • Flexible Operations

    Able to accept samples at various stages of the pipeline. Can handle low input sample requirements (SeqMatic may be able to accept samples below manufacturer’s minimum specs).

  • Stringent Quality Controls

    Custom in-house protocols for difficult samples. In-house developed controls – TailorMix PhiX dual-indexed barcoding allows removal of indexes to minimize background contamination.

  • Based in the USA

    All of our services are performed at our lab located in California. We do not subcontract any work to third party or overseas labs.

The SeqMatic Approach

SeqMatic has served over 700 customers in 25 countries.

  • Len Goren, CEO of SeqMatic

    “The SeqMatic approach starts with proven genomic workflows and proprietary controls that have been refined and optimized over the past decade to deliver considerably more data than Illumina specifications. We believe that the combination of better data, more read depth per lane, and fast delivery makes SeqMatic an exceptional partner and value per research dollar.”

  • Kelvin Chan – VP of Technology at SeqMatic

    “At SeqMatic we leverage our technical expertise to provide a personalized service to address the needs of each experiment. By adjusting and optimizing each parameter of the workflow we can ensure that our customer’s scientific questions are being addressed and not just delivering the maximum number of gigabases for the best price.”

  • Phil Patten – CSO – DiCE Molecules

    “Seqmatic has been consistently prompt in turning around our NGS data, including numerous instances wherein we asked for expedited treatment. We are a small company that highly values agility – it is one of our core advantages as an organization. “