TailorMix Directional RNA Sample Preparation Kit


High quality cDNA library generation with > 98% strand specificity.

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The TailorMix Stranded mRNA Sample Preparation Kit provides a comprehensive and streamlined method of generating strand specific RNA libraries for Illumina paired end sequencing. Our kits are a cost effective solution for any transcriptome analysis including expression profiling, alternative splicing identification, and transcript annotation. Each kit contains reagents for 12 reactions with 12 unique barcodes.


  • User Friendly Workflow:­ Prepare libraries for sequencing in a single day with minimal hands on time
  • Comprehensive Sample Prep Kit: ­ All reaction reagents and enzymes are supplied as optimized ready-to-use mixtures
  • High Precision:­ Over 98% strand specificity
  • High Performance: Superior coverage evenness compared to dUTP based sample preparation kits.
  • High Flexibility: Compatible with Illumina single end sequencing or paired end sequencing.


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Experiment Data

Figure 1: Comparison of transcript coverage between TailorMix Directional RNA versus dUTP based kits..
Transcript Coverage

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Figure 2: Sequencing data comparison showing improved directionality compared to dUTP based sample prep kits.

*The TailorMix Directional RNA kit generates reads on the same strand as the RNA while dUTP based methods generates reads with the opposite strand.

Total Mapped Reads Correct Orientation Reversed Orientation %
TailorMix Directional RNA 22936283 22589453 346830 98%
dUTP Based Kits 20996531 18081980 2914551 86%