TailorMix HT1 qPCR Kit


qPCR Quantification of Cluster Ready Illumina Libraries.

96 Reactions

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Accurately quantifying Illumina sequence libraries is the key to generating the optimum data quality and yield. SeqMatic’s TailorMix HT1 qPCR Kit is custom formulated to precisely quantify libraries diluted in Illumina Hyb Buffer (HT1). This allows the measurement of the same diluted libraries used for sequencing.


  • Quantify libraries diluted in Illumina HT1 buffer – the same dilutions used for cluster generation and sequencing
  • Included DNA standard provides high accuracy and reproducibility
  • Comprehensive reagent kit includes all necessary reagents, primers and DNA standards for accurate quantification
  • User-friendly workflow eliminates the need for additional calculations and dilutions.


  1. Denature and dilute libraries to 20pM in HT1 buffer per Illumina protocols
  2. Quantify libraries using TailorMix HT1 qPCR Kit
  3. Determine precise concentration of libraries, adjusting concentration as necessary
  4. Load libraries to Illumina instrument for cluster generation and sequencing

Workfow Designed for the Following Illumina Systems:

  • HiSeq 2000 / 2500
  • MiSeq
  • NextSeq 500
  • MiniSeq
  • This method is not compatible with pattern flow cell systems such as NovaSeq, iSeq, HiSeq X and HiSeq 3000 / 4000.

qPCR Assay Has Been Tested on the Following Systems

  • Agilent Technologies Mx3005P qPCR System
  • Applied Biosystems® 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System
  • Applied Biosystems® StepOnePlus™ Real-Time PCR System
  • Roche Lightcycler® 96 System

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We also offer pre-dispensed plates for high throughput quantification workflows. Please contact our sales representative for additional information.

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TailorMix HT1 qPCR User Guide – Aug 2015

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