TailorMag 12 Tube PCR Magnetic Stand (version 2)


  • Optimized for low volume applications
  • Fast phase separation
  • Designed for 0.2mL PCR tubes



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  • Optimized for low volume applications (as low as 5 μL total volume)
  • Strong magnets enable complete removal of sample with no dead volume
  • Allows processing up to 12 samples in individual PCR tubes or strips
  • Compatible with multichannel pipetting
  • Anti-flip structure and rubber feet provide extra stability
  • Light color background improves visibility of bead pellets



  • DNA/RNA purification
  • PCR cleanup
  • Ribosomal RNA depletion
  • PolyA mRNA extraction
  • Exome Capture
  • ChIP assays

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 3 in