TailorMix miRNA Sample Preparation Kit (Version 3)


High sensitivity miRNA library prep with low adapter contamination.

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The TailorMix miRNA Sample Preparation Kit Version 3 continues to offer high sensitivity miRNA library generation for the Illumina sequencing platform. The streamlined protocol further improves the ease of use and allows faster project turnaround.  Optimized reagent kit enables the discovery and profiling of small RNAs from a variety of sources including FFPE, exosome, serum, and whole blood.



  • User Friendly Workflow: ­ One day library preparation.
  • No Additional Reagents Necessary: All reaction enzymes and buffers are provided.
  • Stress Free Gel Purification:  Includes TailorCut Gel Extraction Tool Set for easy gel excision and purification.
  • Easy to Use: Reagents are supplied as ready-to-use mixtures which improves consistency and reproducibility.
  • Ultra High Sensitivity: Prepare miRNA libraries from any source with as little as 10ng of total RNA input.


Tested and validated with the following sample sources:


Exosome FFPE
Tissue Whole Blood


Citations & References:

Wang, Juan, et al. “Urea Transporter B and MicroRNA-200c Differ in Kidney Outer versus Inner Medulla following Dehydration.The American Journal of the Medical Sciences (2016).
Niu, Jinzhi, et al. “In vivo study of Dicer-2-mediated immune response of the small interfering RNA pathway upon systemic infections of virulent and avirulent viruses in Bombus terrestris.Insect biochemistry and molecular biology 70 (2016): 127-137.

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User Guide (PDF): Updated May 2019

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