10X Single Cell RNA Sequencing Service

SeqMatic accepts single cell 3′ and 5′ RNA sequencing libraries prepared using the 10X Chromium controller. Our streamlined service has been specially optimized to meet the needs of this unique library type.

Service Highlights

Scalable Sequencing Solutions

  • We offer flexible options on the NextSeq, HiSeq, or NovaSeq to accommodate projects of any size

Expert Service

  • Our team of experts understand the unique challenges associated with single cell RNA sequencing

CellRanger Data Analysis

  • Customized FASTQ demultiplexing is included for all orders.
  • Sequence alignment and aggregate analysis also available.

Recommended Run Types:

Sequencing Platform Read Count Read Length
NovaSeq 6000 Up to 3300M Read 1 (Cell barcode & UMI): 26bp
Sample Index: 8bp
Read 2 (Transcript): 98bp
HiSeq 4000 Up to 320M per lane
NextSeq 500 Up to 400M

Additional Information

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