Sample and Data Storage Policy

Updated January 2017

Sample Storage Policy

If you require your unused samples to be returned, please coordinate with your SeqMatic representative prior to sample submission. Sample return shipments will be subject to additional shipping and handling fees. Customer prepared sequencing libraries and primers are not eligible for return. All other samples including tissues, cultures, RNA, DNA, sequencing libraries generated by SeqMatic will be discarded 14 days after the data is released.  For library preparation orders without sequencing, samples are discarded 30 days after the libraries are delivered.

Data Storage Policy

Sequencing data is delivered via a secure FTP server (or equivalent per the customer’s instructions) and will be available for 90 days. Customers are responsible for retrieval and backup of all data files. SeqMatic cannot guarantee availability of data files 90 days after the date of data delivery and additional processing fees may apply for re-uploading data after 90 days. If you require assistance retrieving your data from our servers, please contact your SeqMatic representative for assistance.