Data Transfer Options

SeqMatic offers a wide array of data transfer options to fulfill the data storage and transfer needs for all users.

Have your own server or use another cloud storage provider? Additional options may be available. Please contact your SeqMatic representative for details.

All data generated and hosted by SeqMatic are subject to our Data Storage Policy.

Standard Transfer Options:

Included for all sequencing orders.
SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol): SFTP offers enhanced security compared to traditional FTP servers. All files are stored securely on our dedicated online server and files can be downloaded easily using a desktop based program or through Unix command line tools.

Premium Transfer Options:

Additional setup and transfer fees may apply.
Illumina BaseSpace: The BaseSpace Sequence Hub is the official cloud-based platform offered by Illumina. Users may monitor their own sequencing runs and access their data via a web interface or Unix command line tools.
MorroData CacheDrive: MorroData offers a cached storage solution which enables seamless data transfers without the need to manually download files from a server. Files are immediately available on the users own internal network and can be accessed instantly on any computer.
Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3): Amazon web services offers a fast and highly scalable cloud based storage solution. It is ideal for advanced users already using Amazon cloud services for their computational needs.
External hard drive: Physical data delivery via external hard drive is also available.
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