DNA Sequencing Services

Next generation Illumina sequencing enable researchers to study genetic variations with resequencing or the discovery of novel genes through de novo assembly. We provide services for library generation, sequencing, and data analysis of samples from a variety of organisms and tissue types. The Illumina MiSeq sequencing platform can provide long reads of up to 2x300bp with fast turnaround time. The HiSeq 2000 provides low cost sequencing with high output of up to 300 Gb per run. We also offer bioinformatic analysis according to the customer’s needs. A wide range of analyses can be conducted including de novo assembly, reference genome mapping, and SNP identification.

Service Highlights:

  • Work with Experienced Sequencing Experts:  We are former Illumina scientists who specialize in sample preparation and sequencing
  • Stringent Quality Controls: All libraries are validated and quantified to ensure high quality
  • State of the Art Technology: Latest Illumina MiSeq instruments capable of reads up to 2x300bp

Sequencing Service Overview and Timeline

Library Preparation


Data Analysis

All submitted DNA samples are verified before processing. Libraries are generated using TruSeq or Nextera protocols and verified for quality and yield. Sequencing is performed using the Illumina MiSeq or HiSeq 2000. Sequences can be aligned to reference genomes or assembled into contigs. All raw and processed data is delivered to the customer.

Additional Information

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