PCR Amplicon Sequencing

AmpliconPCR Amplicon sequencing enables the profiling of PCR products with ultra high read depth and high throughput. Next generation amplicon sequencing enables accurate diversity screening and the detection of rare variants with precision and accuracy. Sequence dozens to hundreds of PCR amplicons at once from any source. SeqMatic offers high throughput amplicon sequencing services with fast turnaround time. Samples can be processed and sequenced with fast turnaround time. Barcoded strand specific libraries are prepared using our custom developed amplicon library protocols.  Amplicons up to 550bp can be sequenced at full length using the latest MiSeq V3 reagent kits.

Example amplicon sequencing projects:

  • CRISPR target validation
  • Genotype assays
  • SNP detection
  • BCR and TCR Profiling

Featured Publications

Wang, Yanan, et al. “Molecular characterization and distribution of two strains of Dasheen mosaic virus on taro in Hawaii, USA.Plant Disease ja (2017).

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