Illumina HiSeq Sequencing Service

HiSeqThe Illumina HiSeq is the workhorse for any large scale NGS project. It is the ultimate platform for whole genome sequencing, exome sequencing, RNA sequencing, small RNA sequencing and more.

SeqMatic accepts sequencing ready libraries in addition to DNA and RNA for our high quality library generation services. All samples are quantified using qPCR, ensuring maximum data output for each run. Dual Indexed PhiX control libraries are also used to prevent cross contamination of PhiX in your reads. All of our HiSeq sequencing services feature fast turnaround time and online data delivery via our secure FTP server.


Available Run Types:

Read Length Read Count Data Output
1 x 50bp With Dual Indexing Up to 250M reads per lane Up to 12.5Gbp
 2 x 100bp With Dual Indexing Up to 250M single end reads or 500M paired end reads per lane Up to 50Gbp

Additional Information

Citations & References:

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