Illumina NextSeq 500 Sequencing Service


SeqMatic accepts sequencing ready libraries in addition to DNA and RNA for our high quality library generation services. All samples are quantified using our qPCR, ensuring maximum data output for each run. Dual Indexed PhiX control libraries are also used to prevent cross contamination of PhiX in your reads. All of our sequencing services feature fast turnaround time and online data delivery via our secure FTP server.


Available Run Types:

Mode Read Length Read Count Output
High Output 2×150 Up to 400M Up to 120 Gbp
High Output 2×75 Up to 400M Up to 60 Gbp
High Output 1×75 Up to 400M Up to 30 Gbp
Mid Output 2×150 Up to 130M Up to 39 Gbp
Mid Output 2×75 Up to 130M Up to 19.5 Gbp

Customer Testimonials:

“SeqMatic exhibits the best in sequencing performance, customer service, and turnaround. My experience in getting several runs completed was an absolute pleasure, and I would recommend SeqMatic to anyone with sequencing needs!”

Customer F.G.
San Francisco, CA

Citations & references:

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