Library Generation for Illumina Sequencing

BioanalyzerSeqMatic can offer services for library generation services of DNA and RNA samples. This service is ideal for customers who already have their own sequencing instrumentation but require assistance generating their own libraries. We can generate high quality sequencing libraries from most DNA or RNA samples, including samples from sources that are difficult to work with such as FFPE and Trizol. Generated libraries are compatible with all Illumina sequencing platforms including NovaSeq, HiSeq, NextSeq, and MiSeq. All libraries are verified for quality and yield.

Available Library Generation Services:

  • TruSeq Stranded mRNA: High quality transcriptome libraries with 98% strand specificity. Poly A mRNA and rRNA depletion services available.
  • TruSeq RNA Access: Total RNA library preparation from low input samples such as FFPE.
  • SeqMatic TailorMix miRNA: Small RNA libraries with as little as 10ng of input.
  • PCR Amplicon: Custom sequencing of targeted PCR amplicon regions.
  • TruSeq DNA: The gold standard for DNA sequencing providing unparalleled quality and coverage.
  • Nextera DNA: Rapid library generation ideal for small genomes, cDNA, and samples with low DNA quantity.

 Service Overview

Receipt of DNA or RNA Samples

Library Generation

Shipment of Sequencing Libraries

All samples are verified using BioAnalyzer, Qubit, Nanodrop, or other tools after arrival for quality control. Libraries are generated according to customer’s needs. Samples are fragmented and/or amplified as necessary and adapters are ligated. All libraries are verified for quality and yield before delivery. Libraries are delivered back to the customer for sequencing at their own facility.

Additional Information

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