miRNA Sequencing

smallrnaProfile all short, non-coding RNA from any organism without the need for reference sequences. Detect novel microRNAs even with low inputs using our custom developed highly sensitive methods. Practical applications include biomarker discovery and miRNA expression profiling. SeqMatic provides comprehensive services for library generation, sequencing , and data analysis of miRNA. RNA extraction services are also available for a wide variety of organisms and sample types. Libraries can be sequenced on the Illumina MiSeq for rapid turnaround and analysis or the Illumina NextSeq for cost effective, high output sequencing.

Service Highlights

  • Profile Any miRNA: No reference sequence information necessary
  • Comprehensive Profiling:­ Discover all miRNAs of any size and quantity, including rare transcripts and variants
  • Accurate Quantification:­ Obtain precise expression levels across multiple orders of magnitude
  • Low Input Requirements: Requires as few as 1 ng of total RNA input
  • Stringent Quality Controls: All libraries are validated and quantified to ensure high quality
  • Fast, Hassle-free Service: Avoid lengthy experiment protocols and costly reagent and equipment purchases.

Acceptable RNA Sample Sources

  • Tissue
  • Exosome
  • FFPE
  • Whole Blood
  • Serum

Data Analysis

A data report will be generated providing a list of unique sequences and copy numbers. Further analysis can be provided according to the customer’s needs including alignment & annotation of reads and various statistical analysis.

Sequencing Workflow

Library Preparation


Data Analysis

Libraries are prepared using total RNA samples provided by the customer. Our custom developed workflow provides high sensitivity of all miRNA with as low as 1ng of Total RNA input. Sequencing is performed using Illumina sequencing technology on the MiSeq or NextSeq 500 platforms. Sequence data is processed and a report is generated. Further analysis can be provided  according to the customer’s needs.

Featured Publications

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