MiSeq Express Service

Need your libraries sequenced right away to meet a deadline? Have a run backlog to catch up on? SeqMatic’s MiSeq Express Service provides the fastest turnaround time for NGS sequencing. Get sequence data back in only 3 – 5 business days.

Note: This service is catered to those who are familiar with the Illumina MiSeq platform. Please use our standard MiSeq service if additional service and support is required.

Run types available:
2 x 25 bp or 1 x 50 bp
2 x 75 bp or 1 x 150 bp
2 x 150 bp
2 x 250 bp
2 x 300 bp

Express Service Information

  • All libraries must be pooled. Pooling services are available for an additional fee and will increase turnaround time.
  • All data is delivered as raw FASTQ files on our FTP server or BaseSpace. Data analysis is not included.
  • Data generated from customer prepared libraries are delivered “as-is” with no minimum output or quality guarantees.

Additional Information