Illumina MiSeq Sequencing Service

photo17The Illumina MiSeq sequencing is the perfect solution for any small scale sequencing project. Ideal projects include small RNA sequencing, small genome sequencing, targeted resequencing, library QC, PCR amplicon sequencing, and more. The instrument provides basic on board data analysis such as genome alignment and assembly. Additional bioinformatics and consultation services are also available.

SeqMatic offers high quality MiSeq sequencing services with short turnaround times. Receive sequencing data via our secure FTP server within two weeks after library submission. All of our MiSeq runs utilize our custom developed Dual Indexed PhiX, eliminating cross contamination of PhiX in your reads.

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Available Run Types:

Read Length Read Count Data Output
2 x 25 bp or 1 x 50bp (V2) 12-15M Single End
24-30M Paired End
750 – 850Mb
2 x 150 bp (V2) 4.0 – 5.1 Gb
2 x 250 bp (V2) 7.5 – 8.5 Gb
2 x 75 bp or 1 x 150bp (V3) 22-25M Single End
44-50M Paired End
3.3 – 3.8 Gb
2 x 300 bp (V3) 13.2 – 15 Gb

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