PCR Amplicons & Plasmid Sequencing

Sequence dozens to hundreds of PCR amplicons at once from any source

Amplicon sequencing enables the profiling of PCR products with ultra-high read-depth and high-throughput.


PCR Amplicon Sequencing

  • Library Preparation services available
  • Long amplicons can be sequenced at full length using MiSeq 500 and 600 cycle kits and the NovaSeq SP500
  • NovaSeq 6000 and NovaSeq X are available for high-throughput projects (up to 384 unique samples)
  • TailorMixTM Indexed PhiX controls to address low diversity
  • Consultation for staggered sequencing to maximize diversity by request
  • Your validated custom primers can be used for two-step PCR or during sequencing

Fast Turnaround Time

  • 3 to 5 business days Express Service for prepared libraries
  • 10 business days Express Service for library preparation
  • Pooling and Normalization of pre-made libraries are available

Stringent Quality Controls –  SeqMatic qualifies DNA with a TapeStation Electropherogram and Qubit for each total DNA sample submitted. A TapeStation analysis includes a DNA Integrity Number (DIN) for each sample, where a value of 10 indicates a perfectly intact sample and a value of 1 indicates a severely degraded sample. Results are shared for review and approval prior to proceeding to library preparation.

High-Quality design considerations for read depth –   SeqMatic offers typical read depth of 50K to 100K or more reads per sample. Higher and lower read depths are available depending on project needs.

Preliminary Sequencing – After library preparation, libraries are pooled in equal volumes and the final pool is quantified by Agilent TapeStation and checked via preliminary sequencing (MiSeq).  Libraries are then normalized and re-pooled based on the read counts from the preliminary sequencing dataset.

World-class validation standard & practices –  SeqMatic is equipped to ensure accurate, repeatable and reproducible results. SeqMatic’s quality program has been audited and approved as part of becoming a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and College of American Pathologists (CAP) certified sequencing facility. Our CLIA quality program requires the use of well-defined protocols to maintain the consistency and reproducibility of our NGS workflows.  Thus, the samples will be processed in a CLIA environment.

Custom assay services – Our highly personalized sequencing services can be adapted to almost any (high and/or low throughput) sequencing workflow required by our customers so that we optimize the quality and quantity of data output.

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TailorMix Dual-Indexed PhiX