Strand Specific RNA Sequencing

SeqMatic provides high quality RNA sequencing services with a fast turnaround time. Strand specific libraries are ideal for any RNA-Seq application including gene expression profiling, SNP detection, alternative splicing identification, and transcript annotation.

Service Highlights:

  • Work with RNA Specialists: We are experienced former Illumina scientists who developed RNA-Seq protocols and are experts in RNA sample preparation
  • Customized Sample Preparation with Stringent Quality Controls: Each experiment is individually optimized using our custom protocols to provide the highest quality and yield for your specific libraries
  • Directionality:  Libraries generated have over 98% strand specificity
  • Low Input RNA Requirements: As low as 25ng of total RNA required
  • Fast, Hassle-free Service: Comprehensive services and support from sample submission to data delivery.


Sequencing Service Overview

Library Preparation


Data Analysis

Customer provides total RNA samples and Illumina TruSeq RNA libraries are generated. Sequencing is performed using the Illumina NextSeq or NovaSeq platforms using single or paired end reads depending on needs and preferences. Sequence data is processed and analyzed according to the customer’s needs. A wide range of analyses can be performed including de novo assembly, reference genome mapping, and expression profiling.


Customer Testimonials:

“We were very happy with the quality of the service that we received as well as the rapid turnaround time.”

Adam Adler
Vice President of R&D
GigaGen, Inc.

Featured Publications

Liu, Meiyan, et al. “The STENOFOLIA gene from Medicago alters leaf width, flowering time and chlorophyll content in transgenic wheat.Plant Biotechnology Journal (2017).

Theriault, Gabriel, Paul Michael, and Kabwe Nkongolo. “Comprehensive Transcriptome Analysis of Response to Nickel Stress in White Birch (Betula papyrifera).” PloS one 11.4 (2016): e0153762.

Haney, Staci L., et al. “Promoter Hypomethylation and Expression Is Conserved in Mouse Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Induced by Decreased or Inactivated Dnmt3a.Cell reports 15.6 (2016): 1190-1201.

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