Sample Submission Instructions

(Updated August 2018)

Note: Please submit your purchase order prior to submitting samples. Samples will only be accepted after the order has been approved.

Sample Submission Form:

Please submit an electronic copy of the submission form to A paper copy must also be included with your shipment. Failure to submit this form will cause delays in sample processing.

SeqMatic Sample Submission Form Version 11 

10X Single Cell RNA Sample Submission Form V2

Packaging Tips:

  • Shipment of samples on dry ice or ice packs is recommended. Do NOT use water ice.
  • Seal all tube caps in parafilm.
  • Protect samples by storing tubes in an appropriate tube box or storage rack.
  • Do not place tubes loosely inside the shipping container.

DNA extraction specimens:

  • Shipment on ice packs (blue ice) or dry ice.

DNA samples and Prepared Libraries:

  • Shipment on ice packs (blue ice) or dry ice.

RNA extraction specimens:

  • Shipment on dry ice.

RNA samples:

  • Shipment on dry ice.
  • If RNA samples are preserved with RNAstable (or equivalent), samples could be shipped at ambient temperature.

Shipping Address:

Attn: Samples Receiving
SeqMatic LLC
44846 Osgood Rd.
Fremont, CA 94539

Shipping Info:

  • For overnight shipments please choose priority overnight (10:30AM) or standard overnight (3:00PM).
  • Domestic shipments please send Monday – Thursday. Saturday deliveries are not accepted.
  • International shipments please send on Monday.

Additional Information:

Sample Input Recommendations

Sample Storage Policy