SEQMATIC is a CAP and CLIA-accredited molecular biology laboratory that is primarily focused on Next Gen Sequencing (NGS) services.   Formed in 2012 by former Illumina scientists, we now have over a decade of experience running a wide range of next generation sequencing assays across the entire workflow for DNA, RNA, Single Cell and amplicon samples.  SEQMATIC is equipped to support both research (RUO) and CAP/CLIA compliant projects that depend on NGS and other ‘Omics’ data.

SeqMatic is an Illumina Propel and 10X Genomics Certified Service Provider (CSP). Having served over 400 customers worldwide, we pride ourselves on world-class data quality and fast turnaround time.    Our work has been cited in hundreds of scientific research publications.

SeqMatic has established a robust Quality Management System following the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) and College of American Pathologists (CAP) guidelines. A strong bioinformatics team supports pipeline development and validation in-house.